Aug 19, 2009

13 ways to invest into your marriage

Someone I've enjoyed connecting with online in recent years is Jim Martin, and today he posted a great list on his blog I hope all married folks will take a moment to read.

Jim writes:

There is a business in our area which which probably won't be around very long. It started well. The owner invested a great deal of money into the building and its facilities. He seemed to spare no expense in what he purchased in order to begin this business. However, once he made the initial investment, he apparently put very little time or energy into maintenance or staffing. There is regular staff turnover. One frequently sees signs on various pieces of equipment, indicating that the equipment is not working. In some instances, these signs remain for months. This business seems to suffer from neglect.

Marriages are often like this. Some will make a tremendous initial investment but then neglect the relationship over time.

I want to suggest 13 ways to invest in the life, health, and vitality of your marriage.

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