Jul 20, 2009

mmm.... Gino's East

Yesterday I got to consume my favorite pizza in the whole world.

Look at that slice of heaven - corn bread style crust, melted cheese on the bottom, a layer (yes, a LAYER) of sausage, then tomato sauce and diced tomatoes to top it off.

And before you tell me yours is better, I should remind you that this is the only Chicago pizza to make the list of the world's top pizzas. That's the WORLD, bub. :)

A buddy of mine drove through Chicago and bought it for us, since they sell them half-baked frozen. It's better in the restaurant, but I'm not complaining.


Thurman8er said...

I love it when you talk like Wolverine.

David Moss said...

I am totally jealous. Minnesota is a wasteland of poor pizza. Gino's....and then Giordano's for me! You are a lucky, lucky, man...