Jul 7, 2009

the king of dance - not Michael Jackson

I'm possibly breaking my "no Michael Jackson" musing rule by posting this, but it's really all about paying homage to a true entertainer. And no... it's not Michael Jackson.

Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gB0UNey-Uk

And per Michael Jackson, avoiding such a "smooth criminal" all starts with the "man in the mirror." While some may consider him a "thriller", others thought he should just "beat it." It's as easy as "ABC, 123," or "ebony and ivory." Of course, it would seem like "you want to be starting something" with what you "say, say, say". But "we are the world," after all, and whether your name is "Ben," "Billie Jean," or "Dirty Diana," you need to "jam" the idea out there that it's "dangerous" if you "don't stop till you get enough." When you feel like it all wants to "rock with you," just "remember the time" you felt "bad," too. After all, "you are not alone." In fact, the "way you make me feel" about this makes me want to "scream" as well. If I join you in this "speed demon" attempt to "heal the world" from no more Michael Jackson posts, "will you be there?" Or will you "leave me alone?" Maybe we should check with the "librarian girl" before we go "speechless."

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