Jul 18, 2009

church remixed

I wrote this little diddy and taught this one to our church this past Sunday. Nothing like clarifying that the church is *not* a building... because when you think it is you assume that's the only place you can connect with God. Granted, it is a great place for community and growing "in Spirit and in Truth."

But a church isn't a holy huddle or an environment to feel superior.

It's not a place where you need to button up your collar but a community where you can unbuckle your belt.

It is not a destination (i.e. "We went to church today.") but a mixing bowl meant to pour out (i.e. "We gathered with the Church today" and "We are the Church!")

So may you forget whatever version you learned of this in the past and embrace the remix (that is actually more of a remembering).

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