Jun 1, 2009

quick question

I'm working on a very honest, gutsy series of messages for our church the next two months. So I need your help... it's called "Stuff Christians Struggle With," and I want to be sure we hit the best "stuff" in our themes.

What would you say is at least one of those "stuff's" - we're not talking answering deep theological issues (i.e. "What is going on in Revelation?" or "What does santification truly mean from a Calvinist versus Wesleyan comparison?) but more "Talking about Jesus without sounding weird" or "Feeling powerless to addictions even though we have God."

More life-application stuff.

Can you chime in real quick on this?


stephanie said...

-wondering why prayer matters if God already knows what's in my heart

-why we measure sins - i.e., adultery being judged more harshly than pride

-how to love a very selfish person well without allowing them to take advantage of you

Kansas Bob said...

Hypocrisy comes to mind.. we know we are hypocrites.. others know it too.. so why don't we act like we know?

Thurman8er said...

Would you do me the favor of reading my latest blog entry? It's my answer to your question.

Becky said...

do we ever realllly get GRACE?

Milton Stanley said...

From a practical standpoint (i.e., not what we say but what we do--how we spend our time and money) why do the lives of most church members in the United States look so very different from what Jesus describes in, say, the Sermon on the Mount?

Tony Myles said...

Awesome - I'm integrating all of these into our themes. Thanks!