Jun 25, 2009

the call after the call

I'm going to be honest about something - sometimes it's hard for my family to be a part of the church.

Yeah, I said it.

If people decide they don't like me or get offended at things the church is doing, not only do we lose potential participants but my wife and kids lose personal friends. That can hurt and be more confusing to understand (let alone explain than the average person realizes.

I know that's a bit transparent. And yet...

I can't imagine a more amazing church for my family to be a part of than Connection Church.

I once did.

And I was wrong.

I want to invite you to read this "classic" post that was written during a time when we were living with my in-laws in a small modular home and my dream job offered me the chance to come serve with them:


We didn't know one thing about Connection Church at the time, so when we responded to that other church in question it wasn't a "this or that" sort of comparison - it was simply a pure question of how to follow God as a household and honor both. We didn't have a plan "B" by turning down plan "A" - until we realized that plan "A" was actually plan "B" - and suddenly "not settling" in anything but the calling (even without a tangible destination) became plan "A."

But today I am thankful to know that our family is in the right place because the people we get to do life with through this congregation are imperfectly perfect for us. I am so, so thankful to be on the journey with them and pray for the day when every person in the region we live in comes into a fully-alive relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you're a part of Connection Church or once were, I want you to know that my family is committed to your household, whether you are committed to us in the same way.

And if you aren't... come move to where we live and be a part of the most amazing church I've ever had the humble privilege of being a part of, let alone serving in as its pastor.

That's not a commercial... that's an opportunity.

Are you in?


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Diane said...

Awesome as usual!