May 18, 2009

what I learned from Disney World: Personal edition - pt 5

This is part 5 in a series called 7 things I learned from Disney World: Personal edition.

I also am sharing other insights for leaders on my other blog, Type (B)eing Leadership. You can find that series updated each day this week HERE.

Day 5: Animal Kingdom
  • Primary takeway: We hit the park early and pushed the boys via large stroller to the "safari" attraction. This, of course, is nowhere near the entrance and yet it is what they encourage you to do first because the animals are usually hard to spot later in the day. We got on after a moderate wait, and began our ride with "Simba One."

    I suppose it's worth mentioning that when my wife and I went on this ride 9+ years ago, it was also "Simba One" who guided us. Except that gentleman had some sort of migraine that day, and so we fondly remember him responding to the "live" radio cries of people trying to stop poachers with a moan and a semi-sarcastic "Yeah, okay." I have to say this round was much nicer... even though our tour guide this round wasn't African (like last time).

    As fun as that was, though, my boys were most excited by the shows - where you could interact with live birds or watch an African-themed musical of the Lion King. I do wish, though, that we wouldn't have taken them on the Dinosaur ride... that was several minutes of having everyone's head covered while loud noises and jerky twists made them quite nervous. My youngest was crying by the end of it - they really need to mark on the map that it's not for little kids.

  • Secondary takeaway: Of course, the "Tree of Life" in the center of the park is amazing.

    One day, though, the real Tree of Life will take center stage. Seeing the artificial version can give you a glimpse, but that's all it is.

  • "Only Tony" takeaway: I finally became tired of being first in line at a door, entering into an attraction or show, and having to move down all the way to the far end of a row. If I'm first in line, I should be able to pick my seat... a good seat.

    So there... I'm not moving anymore.

    Never again.

    Don't even ask me.

    "What? I'm sorry I didn't get that from you, Mr Yellow-Shirted Disney Guy?"


    "Okay, fine... I'll move down."

    (under my breath)

    "Lousy, Disney policies and procedures."

- Part 6 coming up.

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