May 1, 2009

what I learned from Disney World: Personal edition - pt 3

This is part 3 in a series called 7 things I learned from Disney World: Personal edition.

I also am sharing other insights for leaders on my other blog, Type (B)eing Leadership. You can find that series updated each day this week HERE.

Day 3: Hollywood Studios - Pt 1
  • Primary takeway: This was our oldest son's birthday, and so we picked this park because it was totally up his alley. From Star Wars and the Indiana Jones Stunt Show to Toy Story and Playhouse Disney, our boys really enjoyed the whole day from start to finish. The birthday boy was even picked to come up on stage and battle Darth Vader, sound effects and all. Not a bad way to turn eight years old.

    Because we'd already paid for the ticket in our package, Disney gave him a gift card to spend that was equal to the price of his admission. Needless to say the Star Wars store was one of our favorite stops that day. But perhaps the best snapshot was when we surprised them with lunch at "Pizza Planet" and he laid down on the floor and exclaimed, "This is the best day of my life!" Something tells me that little brother didn't do so bad, either.

  • Secondary takeaway: We started out the day with a character breakfast. And yeah, we picked the cheapest one. :) It was at one of the hotels, sporting Goofy, Donald, and Minnie who made their rounds at visiting with you while you enjoyed some chow. I've never had this experience before, and it really made the meal quite interactive. My son even got a special cupcake and gift bag that kicked off his day with a fun groove.

    But I noticed that having a decent meal really can make a difference in your energy level for he day. That's something you don't have to go to Disney World to realize, but given all the walking you do it makes total sense. Most days we kept it simple with cereal and pop tarts, but you really can find a good supply of energy in warm food and a fruit buffet.

    Oh, and Mickey waffles rock.

  • "Only Tony" takeaway: At the end of day three of Disney, and a birthday celebration to boot, I'm quite convinced that the three people I call my "family" are the most amazing people in the whole world.

- Part 4 coming up.

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