Apr 25, 2009

some creepy Disney-esque videos

I like Disney stuff for the most part, and am building a little Disney theme this week and next (which will make more sense on Monday). These videos are "inspired" by Disney, which means while they aren't directly Mouse House material they sort of connect.

Here is HSM dude Zac Efron posing for cameras. Seems like an odd choice for a video, I know. But can you see how robotic his smiling pattern is? It's like someone said, "Look her with wide eyes, then over there with slanty eyes, then pick up your chin... rinse and repeat."

Then there's Zac's HSM friends Vanessa and Ashley, trying to order some food. I admire how polite they are attempting to be a very, very awkward situation the photographers are instigating. Seriously, this is just wrong.

Finally, someone clipped examples of how Disney in its early days tried to save money to put out the movies it did. You can probably excuse the final scene of Beauty and the Beast, though, since it was likely an intentional nod to the scene from Sleeping Beauty. Nonetheless, I don't fault Walt for this... but it is rather an interesting corner that was cut.

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