Feb 27, 2009

40 day journey: weekend warrior

If you're on board with the 40 Day Journey, that makes today your third day. It also happens to fall on Friday, which is usually a day when we look back on the week we just came off an yearn for something "different" to happen on the weekend. Or as one scholarly poet from the 80's put it, "Everybody's workin' for the weekend."

Deep stuff, man... deep stuff.

In other words, many people will naturally want the next two days to feel different than the last two days. Since you may be trying on a new habit (or getting rid of an old one), you may feel the temptation to drift backward a bit more this weekend than you will in upcoming days and weeks. Recognize that potential, and build in some appropriate accountability.

Speaking of which, also recognize that Lent is not a time to whine about how hard it is for you to give up whatever it is you're giving up. If you give into that you will make it less about drawing closer to God and more about demonstrating you own will power (or lack thereof). If you're sharing what you're doing to inspire others or gain their accountability, go for it... but if it's purely for attention, own that motive and snip it out.

Embrace the benefit of this time... and here are two challenges for your weekend:

  • Read Psalm 25 out loud, as if it was your own prayer to God. Pay special attention to verse 15 and confess to Him anything that particular line reminds you of.

  • If you know you're going to be tempted to "cheat" on this journey, tell someone and ask them to ask you good questions that will keep you on track.

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Mark D said...

Would probably do Mike Reno (scholarly poet from the 80's) some good to "turn himself loose" from the fridge for a bit. Then again, I've got no stones I can throw.