Mar 27, 2009

from/for the mouths of babes

A 12-year old girl decided to enter a speech contest at her school with this controversial topic. They almost didn’t let her compete. Then she won – but they disqualified her because of the topic she chose. Wow.

Turns out there was a big disagreement between the judges afterward. One stepped down and the others soon reversed their decision so now this girl is competing regionally... and sharing something important.


Kerilee said...

Again - I disagree with / and am concerned with, the premise of her argument and your decision to share this.

Absolutely - disqualifing her is wrong - we are all free to share our views. But to endorse the position that "children" are dying minimizes the complexity of the issue.

"mothers" are not made by being impregnated. "children" are not made by cells combining (only).

Why is it that the same people who wish to ban abortion (a horrible choice to be faced with under even the best of circumstances) try to limit or eliminate social support, addiction treatment, head start, adoption options, WIC, sex education, condom use, and much more?

A "child" and a "mother" are made by people who love and sacrifice. There are hundreds of thousands of babies and children who are unloved, abused, abandoned, ignored.

By all means, let's ensure that before they exist in this life on earth, before that they experience the horrors that exist for the unwanted - the unloved, that we preserve their "right to life" on earth as opposed to heaven, to suffer what will come. With no regard to helping them not only be "born" but to thrive.

I hate abortion. But people do unimaginable things, yes to "children", babies....

Don't force the most desperate amoung us to bring children into this world and then offer them nothing to help them be parents.

I applaud the girl for her efforts, but instead of banning abortion, why don't we work at creating a world where women are not so frequently desperate that they need the option.


Tony Myles said...

All great points, Kerilee. The reason I share it is because of the story behind this.

But the topic itself? I do fall on the side of supporting life inside and outside the womb. I don't think you can do one without the other, which is what I hear a lot of what you're saying in this.

In every church I've been a part of over the past ten years, I've tried to establish a connection with a ministry that works with unwed mothers. Here we support Birthcare For Medina for that reason.

So people who are against abortion are not always against being proactive for supporting redemptive programs. I know some are... but not all are.