Feb 2, 2009

a day in the life of me: hindsight and foresight

I've done "a day in the life of me" kind of stuff before, but occasionally I'd like to just go through a light-hearted look at my day. I'm borrowing this particular list today from Marko, but here's my take:
  • The weekend that was: Had a hard Friday and Saturday, which pushed me behind for Sunday. But Sunday I stepped up and put some stuff out there that God dropped inside of me. Our band did a really cool thing by surrounding the room with guitars all over the place - a very creative concept we'll need to do again and perfect. Then the Super Bowl last night... actually, I slept through it. Watched most of it today, and yeah... someone already spoiled the ending.

  • Where I am at the moment: On my couch, taking a short break from some heavy typing.

  • On my to-do list this week: Connecting with lots of different folks, prep for Sunday's message, tons of writing, and free food at Denny's.

  • Procrastinating about: Cleaning my office area.

  • Book I’m in the midst of: "It" by Craig Groeschel, "Wide Awake" by Erwin McManus, "A Renegade's Guide To God" by David Foster, and... the one I'm writing.

  • Music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: I saw Jason Mraz on Saturday Night Live and truly enjoyed their set. There's something about a group you've never heard of that can hold your interest.

  • Next trip: We have a vacation planned next month... the first one in many years where we go away somewhere involving somewhere other than the mid-west.

  • How I’m feeling about this week: Like a side of ranch dressing in need of some chicken.

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Thurman8er said...

Kinda funny, but in all of that, what I really want to know the most is...who was the band on SNL??