Jan 1, 2009

things i've pondered all year

So it's just a half hour into 2009, and this is a little junior high-ish, but here goes...

Man, I'm tired... I haven't slept all year.

Oh no! I just realized I haven't paid bills all year.

Wow, I'm hungry... I haven't eaten all year.

There might be a mess on the carpet, since the dog hasn't gone out all year.

Speaking of that, I think my bladder is about to explode since I haven't used the bathroom all year.

I'm feeling a bit spiritually dry. Probably because I haven't read my Bible all year.

Wow. We usually don't let things like this go, but that Christmas tree has been up all year.

I think there's something wrong with my cell phone. It hasn't rang all year.

Well, the Samson era is over. I think it's about time for a haircut, since I haven't gotten one all year.

I know I'm eating healthier these days, but a little junk food couldn't hurt, right. Besides, I haven't had any all year.

Thanks for playing along. Feel free to add your own.

It just seemed like ages since I'd written any thing,
since I hadn't posted all year.

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