Dec 19, 2008

a sign of joy

So I'm in Michigan right now, hanging out at the in-laws for a few days to celebrate Christmas. (They have cable... I'd forgotten what a clear picture looks like on a TV)

On the drive over I saw a fellow on the corner in an old town we once lived in, doing his thing. It wasn't the guy in this video, but you've probably seen a guy like this in your town.

Once upon a time, this was my job.

Not literally, but... well... it's hard to explain. (My wife gets it, though.)

What I wanted to share is that our lives are like this sign guy. We're all pointing toward something, and if you recognize that you might want to be sure it's something valid you can enjoy pointing to.

In the Bible, we find words like "evangelism" and "worship" and complicate their meaning with things we do "in church."

But really... it's just the joy of being a sign holder, and letting that joy come out.

Maybe that's why so many people enjoy Christmas... people who may not normally realize how available "peace on earth" is and all the signs that are pointing to God all year round. This season causes us to put up our feet and recognize the Light of the world that shines in the darkness, though the darkness has not yet understood it.

And that's where true joy to the world can be found.

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Anonymous said...

I think I get "it". Once apon a time there was this guy T. I know looking for a Church to pastor. He looked for many years and tried just about everything. He even turned down a couple of pastor jobs because God was telling him it was not the right situation for T & his wife. After listening to God and following his direction this guy T finally got a job being a pastor in a church he loves. By listening to God and following his direction T is now and AWESOME Person,Husband,Father,Friend,Pastor and follower of Jesus Christ!!!!!

Did I get it Right?