Dec 22, 2008

first reaction

Take a look at this article about a situation of a church and a congregation member: CLICK HERE

After you do, consider your first reaction. Not necessarily what it is, but why it is your first reaction.

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Ed G. said...

My first reaction is that this is one more sad day for the American church.

Extortion. Blackmail. Humiliation. Legalese. Even if the elders of this church felt the need to hold this woman accountable in public, they could have told her so in a conversation (where there might have been some -- oh my -- actual dialogue). The fact that this was sent as a letter makes it appear that is was for the benefit of the elders, and not the woman.

And why is a sad day? Because those who have not yet come to Christ see this and say "yep, one more reason not to get involved with Christians".