Nov 1, 2008

nywc: inspirations from the walk to eat dinner

First off, it is dumb to eat a raw pepper to get free stuff.

I know that now. I didn't know that then.

It took 6 chocolate bars and a strawberry Jolly Rancher to stop the pain in my mouth, on my lips, and in my throat.

Granted, I did get $35 in free downloads from SermonSpice.

But again, it was very dumb... even if it does help our budget to not spend that money.

I can't whine, though - one of my buddies ate a hotter version to get $60 in free downloads.

His name is Blaise... go on, say it out loud.

After I was done crying, Blaise I and I went looking for our friends to eat dinner with. I saw this place - Big Momma's House of Soul.

I don't know why, but I need to eat there before I leave.

We ate at another place, though. It's known for it's unique sandwiches.

Yeah - those are fries on the sandwich. You're supposed to get cole slaw on it, too, but that's nasty.

On the way back, I was again (the second time today) stuck behind another group of people who were walking together and taking up the whole sidewalk. You feel rude wanting to pass them, but they sort of give you no option other than taking a short jog on the road... which makes it obvious you don't like their pace... which is probably offensive.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about how my pace with God affects the people behind me... the people deciding if they should hang with me, or pass me up.

I think we all have people like that in our life - and I mean that from all angles.

We have people in front of us, people behind us, and people running around us on the street.

So... how is your pace affecting others? Your household? Your co-workers? Your neighborhood?

Maybe you should add some spice to your groove.

But not in the form of a pepper.

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