Nov 3, 2008

nywc. inspirations from general session 7

Generally speaking...

I often enjoy the closing session, mainly because it gives the opportunity for summation and send off. One thing I missed from years past was a communion opportunity, though - there was something left "dangling" in the air without it. I think it could have really pulled things together that much more.

I'm also glad Marko recognized the theme of the weekend hasn't felt like the theme of the weekend. Personally, the weird baby logo has messed with me - is it mildly blasphemous?

Inspirations from Worth Dying For...
  • Never heard of this band from California before, and I think they may have been better placed on Saturday versus Monday - there was less motivation to learn their songs knowing I wouldn't be singing them again later. (Hmm - powerful insight there in itself).
  • Yet another example this weekend of artists/speakers who came to Jesus during their teenage years. When will the Church at large realize how important it is to make this investment into this generation?
  • While I did enjoy this band, I was again struggling with someone telling me, "Now I want to see every person in this place doing _________." There was just a little bit too much "dookie dookie" for me.
Inspirations from Skit Guys...

  • I really enjoyed this last sketch of the Skit Guys... it's in the video below, but was well done and a great send off for youth workers.

Inspirations from Marko...

  • If we buy into a distorted Gospel, we present a distorted Gospel to others.
  • Large is the value system of our country - but perhaps small is the value system of the Gospel. (Not sure I buy into this - still struggling to process the idea)
  • Ministry can't be pulled along at a pace faster than it's ready for.
  • You don't need to be a hipster preacher - you don't need the skills of Francis Chan, David Crowder, or Kendall Payne. You are the equipment - three meals a day is your budget. You have Christ in you! This is the Gospel we bring to others - a Gospel of presence and a communal mission -and you have everything you need for that.
  • You have everything you need to be wildly successful in YM. The stuff you think you need is a deterrent.

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