Nov 2, 2008

nywc: inspirations from a cell phone

I left the hotel today without my cell phone.

I wouldn't consider myself an addict to it, but I was amazed how much it's absence affected my day.
  • I couldn't call my local people to find out where they were, if we should join up for lunch, where to sit in the main room, or if our plan to network was still on.
  • I was furrther away from my family's reach - they couldn't call me or TXT me.

And that felt odd.

This unintentional fast from Verizon Wireless inspired me to consider its implications for the Church I serve. I need to help the people around me feel "wired" to find God, step into some kind of encouraging community, discover what it means to really live the Gospel, and join up with God's Kingdom work.

Otherwise... my "no service" will lower the bar and create a spiritual dead zone.

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