Nov 17, 2008

not that this matters to most

I share much here about my life, and so I feel obligated to write this as equally as I feel cautious about how I write it.

I have humbly been led by God and therefore chosen to no longer an active part of E/V.

If that statement doesn't make sense to you, don't worry... it's not a medical disease you need to worry about or some new technology compatible with the iPhone. Have a great day doing whatever it is you're doing or hope to accomplish before Thanksgiving. This really isn't something you should spend any further time on.

If that statement does make sense to you, fair enough and let's leave it at that. I don't wish to explain it further because to do so would mean bordering on speaking against friends.

My last comment on it, though, is more third-person than anything.

I do not bear the profiles of others who make up E/V and so my decision to disolve active participation will perhaps not be spoken about in the usual places. I'm comfortable with that, since in this particular circle I always felt I was more of an anchor of questions to prevent drift than a motor of ideas to stir up waves. (Funny, but in other circles I'm just the opposite)

What I wonder if how many people in history fit that profile whom we will never know about.

Again, though, if this is all confusing to you...

well, how about this?
"Attaboy, 'yorge."


Chris S. said...

Isn't it kind of the point though to have a bunch of people from different points of view figuring this "thing" out together?

It kind of saddens me when a group/community becomes more homogeneous.

Len said...

Glad you were there for the time you were. And I hope that the relationships continue even if the working relationships won't.

Brian said...

I don't want you to speak against friends...really. But if you could find a way to say more, that might be good too.

irreverend fox said...

sometimes the best way to be a loyal friend is in being clear as to what the problem was and was not...leaving room for speculation might be more harmful.

a post like this seems to almost invite wonder and speculation. I'd recommend giving an honest yet respectful and concise explanation and then move fairness to them if nothing else.

David Malouf -- said...

Weird, I thought it was pretty clear when you wrote "I do not bear the profiles of others who make up E/V... I always felt I was more of an anchor ... than a motor..."

You don't fit what's going on. Anyone who knows E/V knows it's about being a motor (hence a Movement and not an Organization or Denomination). Clarity comes with time more often than it comes with brilliant foresight (which is seldom held to with any confidence at the time).

I think the part that is confusing is that you wrote about not wanting to speak against friends. I would presume (yikes) that this statement has as much to do with previous stone-throwing by others as it does with you and your story. What you wrote (what I half-quoted above) is pretty clear to me and not offensive. Perfect. Perhaps you didn't need to fear hurting friends?!? Unless, of course, there are some serious hurts. And then my presumption is off and your bowing out gracefully is all the more difficult.

I too hope your friendships last even without the 'official' connection.

Tony Myles said...

Thanks for these comments, and I do have to make two clarifications:

1) I was asked by a congregation member if I was talking about our local church in code. No... not at all. That question about "leaving our church" is not even on my radar, so I apologize for the confusion. This is in reference to a friendship of Christians outside our church I've been a part of for the past few years.

2) Per if I should explain more or not, I'm not sure of the answer to that. I didn't post this to scratch anyone's itch of knowledge but rather because this is my personal blog and this is a part of my personal journey with God. I agree - doing so invites speculation, but then again... what doesn't?

So let me lean on the metaphor I've already put out there - I served as an achor of questions to a boat of progressive movement. Every movement needs that, and so as God has led me to transition out I pray that another transitions in.

My final word on this (meaning, feel free to comment but this is my last one) is a slice of an email I shared with my friend Tony Jones, who up until recently was the national coordinator for E/V:

"I value you and the way you have attempted to coordinate this all together in recent years. I know the task has not been easy and in many ways a target has been on your back... but perhaps good things have come out of it for the church's future. Only time will tell in that context, but in the short-term I'm confident you have provided some quality questions that many people in Christendom were afraid to ask. The existence of E/V is valuable in that it will press fundamentalism to remove theological lines that shouldn't have been formed... while fundamentalism will allow E/V to have an anchor that attempts to keep Christendom from drifting into a Tsunami."

And that's all I have to say about that.

irreverend fox said...

I'll then assume this has to do with his now public views on the church and state sanctioning monogamous GLBTQ.

And if my assumption is right...I congratulate you for taking a stand for the Gospel.

bill said...

Tony thank you for keeping us in the loop on this. I celebrate your decision to speak and not speak as appropriate. I also believe this collection of voices will be missed without yours and am thankful for how you have added to it (in more ways than you know). Don't bite on the bait of our guesses, for I know your heart and trust your prayer life.