Oct 31, 2008

nywc: inspirations from audio adrenaline

I didn't think I'd ever get to sing "BIG HOUSE" with these guys again. Tonight I did.

I'd heard that the band had retired due to Mark Stuart's vocal chord damage after years of performing. What I didn't know was about the heartache he went through went his wife left him... and his remarriage.

It's so hard to learn such things and not shift into "internal, mental gossip" (your brain tries to figure out the "why" and "what really happened" and makes all sorts of jumps and judgments that are unfounded).

So today I won't, and instead will pray for my own marriage... as well as his.

Gotta keep the plank out of my eye and all.


stephanie said...

I remember going to a "My Utmost for His Highest" concert way back in the day, (anyone remember that compilation CD?) and Sandi Patty was on the list of performers. This was shortly after her divorce and remarriage. I did not want to hear from her, and I judged her harshly for what she did.

Then she spoke about how her sin weighed so heavily on her shoulders, how God was so gracious to bring her back to him, and I realized how horrible it was of me to think more of myself because my sin seemed less than hers.

It was a "defining moment". One I"ll never forget. I was young, and it was where I first realized that I put a Christian artist up on a pedestal and really, they are just like everyone else. The bleed, they hurt, they cry, they fall... just like the rest of us. They just have to do it in public.

Tony Myles said...

Very true. Just last week we spoke among our lead team members how we all have more than a public life - we have a "public faith."

Along those lines, I want to proclaim right now (publicly) that I want to have greater compassion for the things I know I am ignorant of.