Oct 4, 2008

deconstructing christian cliches - pt 2

Just like the last post, I'm also guilty of having said this one.

"I read the last book in the Bible (Revelation) and we win!"
First off, this is not solely a cliche' - it is true that at the end of the Bible we find that those who have chosen to stand with Jesus Christ get to remain in that relationship forever. We also find that the devil is outmatched and is sent to a hellish realm of eternal punishment. Then a new heaven and a new earth are connected together where we take part in an amazing spiritual journey with God - face to face with Him, and face to face with each other.

By all accounts, we do "win." Read all about it HERE.

But here's where this becomes a cliche' - you can read the ending and see that we "win" and start gloating about it as if you've discovered some "a ha" to slap on your friends like some 1980's professional wrestler rant before "Wrestlemania Smackdown 55."

If you read the Beginning (Genesis 1:1), you will find that we've already "won."

Actually, it's God who "wins" - for not only is God there when the first moment of creation happens, but He goes before us in all things... even history itself.

Then there's the cross of Christ and His resurrection. Again - another stake in the ground that proclaims the winner.

Which again - by the way - is God.

God wins.

He's the Hero of the Game - God the Father as owner of the team, God the Son as the MVP, and God the Holy Spirit as the Coach.

Those of us in Christ just happen to be wearing the same jersey and find ourselves getting passed the ball from Christ more than our skill level deserves. Somehow, though, because He's involved... we get to score, too.

But the autographs belong to Him, and why even making "the number one" with your finger somehow always points toward the heavens.

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Thurman8er said...

Love it, love it, love it. And not just because I've got baseball fever right now.