Sep 5, 2008

play that funky music

Have you ever considered the different ways we view Christianity?

Or perhaps more accurately, the many different ways to view Christianity beyond the way you normally do.

To better understand what I mean, listen to this and consider the different ways to understand music.

  • One might describe a song propositionally - "This song requires you playing these notes - nothing more, nothing less."

  • Others might sum it up fundamentally - "This tune is first G, then D, back to Em, and C. It's been played that way for years, so don't question it."

  • Another would articulate it from what emerges - "Don't even look at the chords. Just play, man. Just play. If the music is in you, it will come out."

  • Some might define it communally - "Let's get a group of people around us and agree that this is what music is. And we'll only let people listen to this music if they agree with our understanding of how to strum."

The thing they all have in common?

They require being able to handle an instrument in the way it was designed to be handled - versus the way you want to handle it.

And it would seem to me that this requires some relationship with the Designer of the instrument, who just so happens to be the Composer of the music, who just so happens to be the Producer of your gig.


  • The propositional understanding becomes the same song, over and over and over.
  • The fundamental ideal loses any signs of life -
  • The emerging concept can be anything chaotic, and no one is really sure how to dance to it, or if you're even supposed to.
  • The communal agreement becomes "real music," and you feel bad for tapping your toe to country and reggae.

Which means that in order to play True Music, you must first be willing to cast aside whatever your current definition of True Music is.

And realize not everyone will be on board with that.

Including yourself.


Terrace Crawford said...

Tony, I enjoyed hearing you share today in the YM Convo with Tim Schmoyer.

BTW, good post -- and the vid of Carlton doing Tom Jones is always classic.

Tony Myles said...

Thanks, Terrace! I enjoyed that stuff today, too, and learned a lot.