Aug 26, 2008

interesting benediction

What is interesting to me is that such a "cutting edge" voice as author Donald Miller would be asked to do the benediction at the Democratic National Convention.

"Interesting" because the Democrats seem to be gaining more evangelical sway than in years past. Between the Baby Boomer guru Rick Warren and now this postmodern "Blue Like Jazz" author, Obama only needs to get the Jonas Brothers to do his next gig in order to secure the Teen Choice award for "choice Presidential hottie."


Jennifer said...

Here's an added fact, the Relevant magazine editor was originally asked to pray because he's been in contact with the Obama campaign for some time now. He said yes, then realized that he didn't want to appear to choose sides (he's actually Republican), so he declined and recommended Donald Miller.

Tony Myles said...

Intriguing... that says something in itself, too.

I enjoyed reading Don's take on it:

Anonymous said...

I saw where Donald Miller was scheduled to speak at Mars Hill in August but then I don't see where he did. Maybe he was busy in Colorado?

Tanner R