Jul 2, 2008

old church

Speaking of old school, I recently joined a Facebook group regarding my old church - specifically, the one I came to know Jesus in when I was in high school. We were all remembering different aspects of those days, and I wrote about my initial visit to the Sunday night worship service that was geared for students (we had a mid-week large program and then the weekend Bible study).
Son Village... that was my first experience with "worship" music. The memory is still clear - I'm new and know none of these songs. Yet everyone around me is singing their guts out. Some kid down the pew is doing something with his voice that sounds like different notes to what everyone else is singing - it sounds beautiful... I think I've heard of that before - something called "harmonizing."

"I can't do that," I reason. Forget this worship stuff.

Then I hear another kid in front of me named Danny singing his guts out - probably literally, because he's certainly not hitting any of the notes he's supposed to and it's not quite like the other guy's deal.

"I can do that," I reason. Let's try some of this worship stuff.

Because... well... both guys were doing a beautiful thing.

I still have my black half-sized sheet notebook full of weeks of lesson notes. Who knew I would then be taking notes that to this day I still steal from. Um - I mean, borrow from. Thanks, Dan.

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