Jun 23, 2008

monthly rant: gaseous conversation

Today I begin a new feature... a monthly rant. I've had rants in the past, and don't think of myself as much of a rant guy. Nonetheless, I think that I find myself getting on a soapbox about once a month about something stupid (stupid because I spend the time getting on the soapbox in the first place).

So here are my rules:

1) I will rant.

2) No comments allowed. Sorry, this is my rant. If you don't like that, you can rant about my rant on your own blog.

3) I will still exercise Ephesians 4:29 in the midst of my rant.

4) I will rant in this way only once a month - but perhaps at varying times of the month (meaning you'll only see one June and one July, but technically they can be days apart).

5) I will use this as my way of not having to vent this out in public conversation. That's one reason why I have a blog - it lets me dump my distracting thoughts so I can concentrate on the big ones. (I have more reasons, but that's one of them)

That said... here's this month's rant.


Yes, the price of gas has increased.

Can you please stop talking about it in unnecessary ways, though?

I don't mean you, I mean "you."

I mean everyone.

I mean culture.

I mean news programs.

I mean car commercials.

I mean radio ads.

I mean people being interviewed on TV about something else.

It seems like when I turn on the tube, that's the topic - even when it's not the topic.

  • Exaggeration #1: "Well, my family and I were wondering if we should sing 'I've been working on the railroad' or 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' at bedtime, but because of the price of gas we went with 'Dem Bones.'"

  • Exaggeration #2: "The price of gas is crazy! So come buy these new sandals at Wal-Mart... on sale this week only!"

  • Exaggeration #3: "Ever since the price of gas went up, I can't stop thinking about my indigestion. That's why I use TUMS. They can't do anything about the line at the pump, but they can certainly keep you from getting backed up."

Yes, I know the price of gas is crazy. I know it affects everything - from how much we spend on groceries to whether or not we can make it here or there. I know this is truly crippling many people, and we as a family have changed some of our choices to try to compensate. I have even found that people have to choose between whether or not they can come on a Sunday morning to a church service these days... and thankfully we're all finding ways to carpool or drive wisely.

Again, I don't mean to belittle how it may be affecting you.

But certainly you see my point... what is a legitimate issue has become the latest carnival for ad campaigns.

And that I think I just need to rant a little bit about that.

So if that's you... if you have some sort of pull with how much we're putting the spotlight on this in unnecessary ways... please stop. It's not doing anyone any good and is actually equalizing your product with someone's pain. Don't worry, the politicians will find a way of making use of this in their campaign, so you don't need to help.

In the meantime, see you at the pump. I'll bring the Kleenex for us both.