May 9, 2008

cheap shot at pizza

Yesterday our area Papa John Pizza locations had a special "23 cent" special for a large, one topping pizza. It has something to do with the company making amends with fans because they put their logo on a t-shirt that razzed Cleveland basketball player Lebron James (#23), calling him a "crybaby."

This made fans upset. Some Papa Johns in the Cleveland area were even threatened with boycotts... and some with other types of threats.

So the company tried to redeem itself and the buzz was all over town - "pizza for under a quarter." My wife and I planned on dropping in, picking up one for lunch, and then dropping in later, and picking up one for dinner (customers were limited to one each).

The only catch is that this was the line I saw... keeping in mind my camera phone could only pick up about half the crowd as I turned the corner.

I'd heard other locations were worse - some people waiting 1-3 hours for their 23 cent pizza. One of our church members said she saw people lined up there in the morning, too - way before the place opened. A few people were arrested at various locations for disorderly contact... and several parking tickets were written (turning the 23 cent deal into a slightly more expensive deal).

We, on the other hand, decided to eat leftovers for lunch... and frozen pizza for dinner.

It was a bit frustrating to be let down, which makes me wonder if we who live in the whole Cleveland/Akron area might be tempted to be "crybaby" types as we complain...

and dislike Papa Johns all over again...

which sort is ironic, don't you think?

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