Apr 14, 2008

heart stuff

If you're a praying type, I'd appreciate your prayers today for my mom. She's undergoing heart surgery (planned and everything), and at the best hospital for it in the country (which divinely happens to be 45 minutes from us). Her odds are amazingly great... and as I sit here on the free hospital wi-fi, I'm thankful for the comfortable atmosphere all around that has soothed her into her procedure.

Nonetheless, prayer would rock. Thanks!


Brian Eberly said...

Just prayed for her.


David Moss said...

Praying that all went well - trusting God to heal all that needs to be healed. May you (and your family) experience His comfort, compassion, and care.

Thurman8er said...


Anonymous said...

Praying for complete restoration and healing!

Jeff Greathouse said...

Prayers are being lifted up.

Cleveland Clinic is our ospital as well and they have been heaven sent for my wife and her surgeries and the care for my kids.

Mark Gorveatte said...

Hi Tony,

Trust you're mother is recovering well.

I enjoyed connecting this afternoon and wanted to let you know the website for Chris:

Looks like they're meeting in a school now so that may be a cold lead. D/Williams may know of others in the BGC network that are working with the scenario you outlined.


Robert said...

hope your mom is enjoying a relaxing restful recovery brother. I have heart trouble hoping hers is healed and she is restored to as good as new!!!

bjk said...

How is your mom doing?

Tony Myles said...

She's on her way home today (finally). Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement!