Mar 31, 2008

an honest chat with God

I just wanted to share something I recently read. This was written by a gal I know (I once was her youth pastor) who has a very honest approach to writing:
  • Me: (Question)

  • God: (Answer)

  • Me: Are You sure?

  • God: -blank stare-

  • God: Am I sure?! Are YOU sure? No, you're not. Who needs to be sure here, Me or you?

  • Me: Both?

  • God: Nope, just Me.

  • Me: But if I'M not sure...

  • God: Then you've got to trust Me.

  • Me: I get really frustrated when You say that.

  • God: I know.

  • Me: You say that a lot.

  • God: I know. Cause you don't do it a lot.

  • Me: True. I need to work on that...

  • God: I'll help you.

  • Me: Thank You.

  • Me: Committment scares me.

  • God: I've noticed. Sometimes you have a hard time comitting to ME.

  • Me: I've noticed.

  • God: Sometimes you stink at it.

  • Me: Uh-huh.

  • God: But that's okay with Me. I fill in where you fall short.

  • Me: Christ.

  • God: Exactly.

  • Me: Thank You for That, by the way. I...

  • God: I know. And you're welcome. It is My Pleasure.

  • God: Are you honouring Me?

  • Me: Trying to.

  • God: You are. You are seeking Me first. Very Biblical.;)

  • God: What is your point here, with this relationship?

  • Me: Well, sometimes I forget to ask that question. ...To bring You glory and honour.

  • God: I'm ASKING you to bring Me glory and honour. Which means I will supply all your you seek to live according to My will...

  • Me: (I don't remember how the rest of that goes...)

  • God: (Look it up later.)

  • Me: (K.)

  • God: Do you see where I'm going with this?

  • Me: Yeah. It's what You said earlier.

  • God: Yes, it is.God: So if you are seeking to honour Me, you can't fail. You will fall short. (Remember, I am God, you are human.;)) But you will not fail. You fail when you stop focusing on Me. Focus on Me, not your fears. Your focus shouldn't be on trying not to fail, but on trying to please ME.

  • God: Make sense?

  • Me: Yeah.

  • Me: I don't know if I can do this.

  • God: Technically, you can't do anything. Not without Me.

  • Me: God, will You please help me?

  • God: I've been waiting for you to ask...


heather said...

I like it.

WES ELLIS said...

"I fill in where you fall short."

It really breaks my heart to think how often we don't trust God's grace to "fill in". Great stuff!

andy said...

"You will fall short. But you will not fail. You fail when you stop focusing on Me."

Reminds me of Peter walking on the water in some ways. He didn't fail cause he got scared, he failed cause he took his eyes off of Jesus. ooch. That hits home.

Jody said...

thanks for supplying great lessons for my youth group in the past two posts...all done with proper is well deserved