Feb 1, 2008

two, please

So here's some exciting news... Connection Church (the amazing group of Christians and pre-Christians I serve) is growing into two services this Sunday!

The shift became obvious in recent months when we started running out of elbow room, but it's more than an attendance thing. I truly believe that this shift will allow us to stay intentional in tracking people's stories better, not to mention expanding the possibility for new "learning communities" (i.e. classes, etc) that would run during one of the services.

Anyway, it's pretty exciting stuff and brings me back into the familiar territory of preaching the same message more than once on a weekend. Some people worry that this might wear me out, but it actually energizes me. (Although there was a season of ministry in another church where I was preaching up to four times in a weekend... I'd need to hear from the Holy Spirit before taking that on again.)

So please pray for us and the work that God is up to (that He's invited us to be a part of).


Thurman8er said...

If I promise to hold off on the mind wipes for a week or so...

...could you tell me more about your "learning communities?" We are looking at some makeovers to our adult ed. and I'd love to hear different ideas? Do you do any mentoring/discipleship during this time?

Barbara said...

Congrats, Tony! That's very cool to see you g-r-o-w-i-n-g!

Tony Myles said...

I think the greatest distinction is that it is more of a facilitated discussion than a forced presentation. Meaning, instead of planning 100% of "what will happen" we plan for 50% and lean into what God is doing in the hearts of those who happen to show up for the other "half." This requires a sharp leader with good theology who doesn't feel he/she has to "correct" but rather "direct."

Presentation example:
- Standard class: "This is the view of the end times you should hold to."
- Learning community: "This Scripture has created several schools of thought. Let's explore them."

Interactive example:
- Standard class: "And that's about all I have to say. Any questions?"
- Learning community: "Before I share what I've worked on, what are the dominant questions in your heart today about this or something else?"

I don't know why we're so afraid in churches to let people share their questions... maybe because it requires a lot more preparation to be able to be spontaneous.

Tony Myles said...

Thanks, Barb... it's really a cool thing.

Thurman8er said...

It requires more than preparation...it requires discipleship...actual kingdom living.

Thanks for sharing those examples. We are heading out in new directions and I think you've helped some slightly ephemeral things in my mind coalesce.

I wish I lived closer....

brian said...

well said!

Smitty said...

Congratulations Tony! You'll have to write another post tomorrow to let us all know how it went. I'll be praying for you.