Feb 15, 2008

strike - you're in/out

In case you're wondering who's in and who's out, not to mention if you'll be seeing any of your favorite shows anytime soon, click here.

Good news for me is that Lost, The Office, and Smallville are back to work. A few shows got canceled, which I suppose is a bummer for those who were getting a paycheck from them.

Which brings me to a slightly tongue-in-cheek thought.

Now that the writer's strike is over...
  • Media pirates can start making an honest living again.

  • Entertainment Tonight has something to talk about besides more spots that have Britney Spears driving away in a car in slow motion... because whenever you appear in slow motion on Entertainment Tonight you know something is up.

  • People can quit reading books and get back to reading TV Guide... and doing TV Guide crossword puzzles that ask questions about the daughter on "Kate & Ali" (because apparently someone who makes TV Guide crossword puzzles has this weird fascination with always putting then actress"Ari Myers" as a clue... who makes it in about half the puzzles a year... and who hasn't really acted much since then... unless you count her voice work on the audio book "The Amy Fisher Story"... although I hear she does voice the mom on Disney's cartoon Stanley... why am I still talking about Ari Meyers?).

  • Reality TV shows can go back to seeming less interesting. (Side note: I'm surprised no one did a reality show about writers on strike - that's gold, Jerry).

  • Night owls can feel better about staying up and watching talk shows that actually do more than just talk.

  • Saturday Night Live can again be live (versus running "The Best of Joe Piscapo")

Have fun watching... and be sure to have your couch potato chips handy.


Thurman8er said...

One of the many reasons I like you, is that you can do 100 words on Ari Meyers AND work in a Kenny Banya reference.

I've been workin' out. Look at me, I'm HUGE!

Tony Myles said...

That's because Banya's voice is the voice of a new generation... my generation.

Just don't get me started on Ovaltine.