Feb 26, 2008

lost theories

Keep in mind what I'm about to share is my spin on ABC's show LOST, meaning I've not read any spoilers on purpose. So if I'm right it's because I guessed well... so technically I'm not giving anything away here.

That said...

Ben was for many years spoofing Dharma and pretending that their stuff was still on the island. They found out, got mad, and are looking for him. Eventually he's forced off the island by the boat people, forced to work for Dharma, and knows about the "six" who leave.

Why six? Because in the end so many castaways decide to stay. That, and well... things get bloody between Locke and Jack. Lots of people die.

But for those who stay, the island has become their home... Rose/Bernard had an episode like this explaining why they would stay. I also think the next person we'll see is Michael as a "sixer." He's the one in the casket.

I believe Claire gets in the helicopter (as Desmond predicted), but then something happens to her. An accident? Kate's involved? So out of responsibility Kate takes on Aaron.

Ben is holding this over Sayid's head. This is why Sayid is working for him - to stop Ben from blabbing. So Ben is using him to take out the Dharma people so Ben can go back to the island, take out Locke (who is still there), and regain control.

This means taking out the tall African-American gentleman who hired the boat people.

Then again, maybe it's just a TV show. ;)


Dj said...

Okay so the "Six" are:
Jack, Kate, Aaron, Sayid, Hurley and Michael. I never thought of Michael being one of them, thats a great insight.

Last Thursday was really the first jaw dropping experience of the season when Kate woke up Aaron. Literally, my jaw dropped! I was shocked.

I'm not a TV fan by any means, but I'm too hooked on Lost.

The Momma said...

JUST a tv show?!?!?!?!?!?! (gasp)
I kid. It keeps me entertained.
I like your theory. How does Jacob and the creepy eye-liner dude who doesn't seem to age work into the events?

One of my zillion theories about the show is that in the end we find out that Ben IS actually a good guy (as he has always claimed.)

I'm hooked. I'll keep watching to find out! :)

Thurman8er said...

I'm loving the time factor. The island is clearly enclosed in some sort of a "time bubble" which is why the helicopter hasn't arrived at the freighter yet (and why Dan has memory issues...he's been messing with this stuff too much.) That's why women can't carry to term on the island and what Dharma was experimenting with in the first place.

And Jack can't see Aaron because he's found out that Claire is his sister and he (for some reason but this isn't a stretch considering it's JACK after all) feels responsible for her death.

And Ben's a bad guy. Real bad.

heather said...

I don't remember a coffin.
And I don't think Michael's one of the six because if he is, then Walt is, and then there'd be seven. (And obviously they had to get rid of Walt because it's been 92 days in show time and, what, 3? 4? years in real time, so the poor kid's aging too fast--did they not think about that ahead of time?).
And, yes, I think other than the 6, the others decided to live on the island--but why do those who are now on the beach waiting with Jack for the helicopter decide to stay? I wonder what happens.
My theory--the writers have no idea and the plot changes daily.