Jan 19, 2008

so here's the story...

So here's the story... the editor of our local/county paper has a son who does a paper route.

Of course.

Turns out this kid's paper route includes someone from our church. A couple months ago they got to talking and somehow my name came up, including the detail that I'd had a hand in writing a book.

So the kid tells his parent, then the parent/editor calls me, and then I sit down to discuss my book.

Um... who the heck am I? I mean we're talking a rather nice 1/3 page article here with a picture and everything.

So I could either start drinking tea with my pinky in the air from now on.... or simply keep serving Jesus and not look for the undeserved accolades.

By the way - I hope it's okay to share this... I have tried to expose some of my dumber/darker moments in this blog so please keep that in mind with this positive.

Anyway, here's the article.

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dan said...

very nice article tony.