Nov 16, 2007

nywc: atlanta - day two, part 2

First, an observation:

You know how when you're at a concert and you're trying to enjoy yourself... and then there are those people who always seem to be doing a Statue of Liberty pose with their camera phones? It's not even like they're trying to get a quick snap of a picture and then move on. No... instead, they're working the angles, trying to get the perfect picture of the lead singer in perfect pose... which never happens... so they keep trying.

That would be bad enough.

Except there are those who in the process of doing all of that try to do the vertical crowd dance... you know that dance, right? The one where everyone dances by jumping.


So we have the camera phone people, and then we have the camera phone people who do the vertical jump while trying to take a picture (still in perfect Statue of Liberty form), who can't quite understand why their pictures turn out so blurry.


Anyway, I share that because I have become that camera phone guy.

Doing the vertical dance.

My apologies.

Now, the overview:

  • Joe Castilo (narrative sand art): This is new... after several years of NYWC, I really enjoyed this fresh angle to kick things off. Given the stage layout, very interactive. Through the use of sand on top of a light, the Story of God was introduced.

  • Tic/Marko/Jeanne (convention theme): Intros are awesome... I love the team approach to setting the tone.

  • Marquis Laughlin (reading): The guys I'm with really enjoyed this monologue presentation of Revelation. I thought the same thing would have been more powerful if teenagers did it instead of this gentleman, but his voice and diction couldn't be argued with.

  • Marko (convention rules): Always a guaranted guffaw.... Marko does Yac proud.

  • Flatfoot 56 (music): I'm just not interested in jumping up and down because a guy on stage tells me to. I am, though, impressed by this group's spirit and stage presence... it will allow for great ministry to teens. I wouldn't mind a copy of the last tune they did - a Scottish punk version of Amazing Grace.

  • Andy Stanley (speaker): Great thoughts on how there will be a time when you will be the most important man/woman in the room. What you do in that moment will determine the character of your team and the legacy you leave behind. Jesus knew God put all things under his power, and in response He took off his visible signs of authority and washed His disciples feet. If no servant is greater than his master, we should do the same. I'll be listening to that one again.

  • Desperation Band (lead worshippers): First time I've seen these guys live... didn't know a couple of their tunes but jumped in. Not bad... not bad.

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Anonymous said...

I think some of those camera phone people like in the picture you posted, are actually just trying to use their cell phones like one would use a lighter. The light from the phone is like a lighter.