Oct 10, 2007

the glory of it all

If you haven't listened to David Crowder's new CD "Remedy," here's a taste of what you're missing. The rest of it rocks, too - everything from rock and techno to songs that open a little crack of heaven.


Tanner Ridge said...

No time to talk, I'm off to the store to buy another CD now :)

Jenn said...

For those of us out in ten-buck-two, thanks for letting us know that Crowder's new cd is out! I've been waiting! Love this song...heard him sing it a couple times this year and it was an added bonus to his traditional songs.

Now being the "techie" that I am...HA...may I just say thank you David Crowder for making me feel better about my faults this weekend behind the songs/ slides. It was a rough weekend in the tech booth...this song made me feel better about it all! It is good to know that even the big dogs make mistakes! There is hope for me after all! ;)