Oct 13, 2007

another side of crowder

Not to overkill David Crowder (as if you ever could), but we're doing this song in our Sunday gathering (which, as a side note, is rather tricky to play). In the process of searching the internet for lyrics I found this rather amazing video.


derek said...

freakin hiliarious dude!!!!!

derek bethay said...


Reminded me of Voltron!

Jenn said...

Loved it! Thanks for sharing this great find! :)

Anonymous said...

Great video! I went and bought the CD yesterday after watching the 10/10/07 posted video. Lovin' it.

See my response to the 10/12/07 and help me wrestle, folks. Please. This is the tough stuff. Seeking Godly counsel.


derek said...

crowder is so awesome!!!!!