Sep 10, 2007

sidebar: prayer for my mom

My mom headed into her big meeting before City Hall and had a "good" meeting. Nothing was decided except to table the discussion another month. If you're the praying type, please pray they reverse the Historic Preservation Commissions decision.

Two bits of good news:
  • I had the chance to write an editorial on this for the Chicago Daily Herald last week: CLICK HERE.
  • The mayor asked Dr Smunt, the HPC guy who unfairly set all this into motion, to withdraw his nomination of forcing the landmarking. He said he wouldn't, but the mayor challenged him to do it in the next thirty days anyway. Yes... the mayor is on my mom's side.

1 comment:

tanner ridge said...

I just read the results of the meeting last night... Ugggg... I can't believe it. No results at all! Now your Mom has to wait another month for this nonsense.