Aug 8, 2007

a day in the life of me: on the road

Yesterday my stick shift car (which is new to me... prior to this I haven't driven a stick shift in 13 years) made a 7 hour trek to Chicago quite nicely.

First, I hung out with Chris Folmsbee who is the prez/led guy of Sonlife... a ministry that has an amazing heart for Jesus Christ and teens. If you know any teenagers on a spiritual journey, get them to one of SonLife's many events.

Then I hung out with my mom... there's a memorial service today for my stepdad that I'm a part of. She and I went out to grab a bite of food last night and talk about life and everything it involves.

I'll probably head back home in the next 24 hours, so your prayers for safe travel would rock.

And yes... White Castle and Gino's East Pizza have both been involved in this trip.
(Good thing I'm driving alone)


Jessica said...

well i must say that my opinion of you has been greatly decreased....white castle?

i guess this is what is meant when the bible tells us to "bear with one another" :)

Anonymous said...

hmm... feel like i've read this blog... on my phone.

love ya bro haha

Tony Myles said...

Certain rules apply to every road trip... the most famous, of course, is that you must stop at the first White Castle you see and order a cheeseburger to eat.