Aug 27, 2007


So... I'm breaking my last post's claim at silence, but I just really liked this video from service today. We had an "all worship jam" during which our worship connection guy Mike Edwards hit a homerun with tunes and a very cool message on King David's worship leader Asaph. I got to sit in the nose bleed section of the theater we meet in and just soak it all in, but I did manage to share this slice... hope you are blessed by it.

By the way... NOW I'm done posting for a bit.


derek said...

love it!!!

Daniel Rhoten said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog!

Cool video post - like the realness of it (barefoot, your house, kid holding the camera...)

Great questions about access, too... and the proximity we should have with God in worship.

Anthony said...

Hi, Tony:

Thanks for visiting my blog :-) I assume you ran into me at Dan's? I'll want to link you up when I get a chance, if that works for you!

I'll pray for your mom's situation, too. Aren't people just lovely sometimes?

Okay, gotta watch the video now...

Anonymous said...

ok...i am new to your blog..and now, you are gonna stop posting for a bit?! i guess i will have to check in for a bit...until i see you post again. so, maybe i will watch the youtube thing. by the way...what is the story with your time off work?! time off to help your mom, is what it sounds like. listen to.....God youare gonna be fine.

Anonymous said...

ahhh...the basement was very cool.