Jul 31, 2007

back from vacation

After many hours of travel in our van over the past seven days, we enjoyed...

  • The Columbus Zoo: Jack Hannah wasn't around, but the animals were. Very cool time, especially the manitees!

  • COSI: What a cool time we had exploring science, from making clouds to lifting up cars over our heads!

  • The Creation Museum: Definitely a memorable experience exploring an interactive slant on creation provided by Answers In Genesis.

  • Visiting family: A spontaneous visit to check in on my mom helped her have an amazing yard sale and a burst of encouragement.

  • Welcoming friends: Our good friends from out of town came by so that my good buddy could speak at our Sunday service.
  • Anniversary: Then there was that whole celebrating 13 years with my beloved bride... and a basketball hoop we "bought each other" (using our National City debit card points) for sentimental reasons.

Now there's that matter of the hundreds of emails I have to attend to...

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