Jun 1, 2007

speaking of questions we should all answer

Be honest with yourself…

what sort of dent do you think God could have
on the entire world through your life?
How does your life today reflect that answer?
What is the width of your prayer life?
And is it easier to ignore this question
and just wait for my next post?


Katie said...

GOSH Tony, you don't pull punches do you? Which is a good thing.

1. As big as He desires if I stop getting in the way of Him working through (and in) me. He's not limited, I am.

2. I'm often getting in the way, so my dent is small, or at least on some days it seems pretty small. But the other thing I have to realize is that I can't often see the dent that is left because I'm in the middle of it (perspective issues).

3. OUCH, this one hit me hard. It's something I've been thinking about a lot lately. Is my prayer life really a "life", does it take on something larger than the words I speak or the praises I offer? Is it a life that is lived outside of those moments when I speak to God?

4. Yes, but I figured the questions were worth some answers.

Tony Myles said...

Thanks, Katie. Amazing honesty... I'll play fair, too.

1) I'm learning more and more how a small pocket of time that we invest into a great vision/idea/movement or another person can impact the whole world. Much like traffic is often the result of one person who looked at something long for five seconds, creating a ripple behind him... might not that be true of the good things, too?

2) I'm trying to slow down and give everyone the time they need without losing the time I need.

3) I was again reminded this week to pray BIG prayers and not just the easy ones... so hopefully getting wider.

4) Actually, yes... although sometimes it's harder to write a post than it is to just answer one. ;)