Jun 7, 2007

scary slide

There is this McDonald's within a reasonable driving distance from us that our boys like making the trip out to. Part of the reason is that there is this crazy, crazy, crazy slide that you have to climb way up to.

It seems that whenever we go the boys wants me to go up with them. This particular time (our family sabbath on Tuesday), my wife and I both went up.

At some point in the process of ascending up into its stratosphere, you start wondering if this is really a good idea. The construct starts shaking when the kids are up there by themselves, not to mention when you throw two adults into the mix. Then there is the issue of the four or five loops in the slide, which is always tricky because you never know if you're going to slam into kids climbing up the other way at various points of the descent, thereby creating a McShish-Ka-Bob that would most likely cause a lawsuit.

Nonetheless, this is the McDonald's our boys enjoy most, followed closely by a newer one that has free dance-dance-revolution games in its play place.

And so this is what we do sometimes... because I love my family.


bigwhitehat said...

Looks like fun.

Tell your wife I said she is pretty.

Tony Myles said...

Don't need to tell her that, since it would be innappropriate. Instead, I'll just keep telling her she's pretty.

Laura said...

What a great slide! Where was that when I was little??

And free DDR? I think I'd like to move...

Stephanie said...

You mean I could have sued the dad that ran over my four year old and split his face open at the play structure a while back? I never thought of it. Thanks!

(Just kidding... Although his older brother wanted to punch this guy in the face on behalf of his brother, we choose to forgive instead.) :)

Tony Myles said...

That's priceless!