Apr 8, 2007

resurrection sunday: R I S E N !

J E S U S - I S - R I S E N !

J E S U S - I S .

J E S U S . . .

As one poetic Christ-follower put it...

maybe in this there has been a glimpse of the kingdom

a foretaste

a hint

a promise

let it hold you and let it send you

so you will never be at peace

until all are fed

until all know home

until all are free

until justice is done

until peace is the way

until grace is the law

until love is the rule

until God’s realm comes

until God’s realm comes

until God’s realm comes…


~ Cheryl Lawrie

Today I will raise up the name of Jesus...

and somehow by Jesus being raised up...

I, too, am raised up.


Carolanne said...

Christ is risen. :)

Tony, just on another thought and since I don't have your email, I thought I'd post a comment here to let you know that I've nominated you for a "Thinking Blogger award". I hope you don't mind. It's just that your blog does make me think and it's practical, challenging, relevant and personal.

Tony Myles said...

Thanks for the blessing and encouragement, Carolanne!