Apr 10, 2007

never trust the rating's board

Meet the Robinsons.

Looks cute, right? A funny ad with a dino complaining about his little arms and so on?

Our family just saw this tonight and got burned.

Maybe I'm naive, but it's billed as a "G" movie. In the last few years Disney has put out Cars and Pooh's Heffalump movie as "G" flicks, and so in that context we took our 3 and 6 year old boys to see it.

Wow... big mistake.

Within a few moments of the movie, we see a guy's head enlarge like it will explode. If this is a movie for kids (who think more concretely than they do abstractly), how are they supposed to take that? And what does a parent do in a theater when such intensity happens and their kid is reacting to it?

All throughout the movie there are scenes involving blazing fan-type saws, hats that take over people's minds, and (of course) the dino's initial appearance. Throw in some crass comments (i.e. "Shove it up your...") and I have to wonder who this movie is for.

I know I sounds like a crazy, conservative parent here... "C'mon," you might say, "it's a Disney flick and you can't protect your kids from the world, so take them to see it... yada yada..."

Maybe it would have been fun without kids, but with kids it's a different set of eyes.

And maybe that's just it. Maybe the "G" rating is on an adult scale.

Is there anyone making movies for kids these days that are actually for kids (and not for the media savvy little adults we're trying to turn them into)?

(And that completes this rant, sponsored by the good folks at Nick Jr.)


Carolanne said...

You're right. They make those movies and it appeals to adults' sense of humour - is that why they do it, too? So we'll enjoy the movie and forget that it's not all that appropriate for the kids it's supposed to be directed to? After all, we're the ones who have to buy the tickets and the DVDs.
Or maybe we've all become desensitized and don't even notice....

We're turning them into little adults and think it's cute when they start talking like a little adult. They miss out on so much because of it.

Hmmmmm. You've got me pondering..

tanner ridge said...


Amazing because I thought this was a fantastic movie!

Amazing how diffently we saw it.

Amazing how who you view it with can change how you perceive and what you see in it.

I challange you to watch it again without your kids. It has so many teachable moments in it which I know you like in movies.

Maybe because I can relate to one of the characters in it so well.

Maybe because I feel his pain.

I felt God speaking to me in this movie.


PS I saw it in 3D... Amazing

Tony Myles said...

I get that, dude... and like I said - it may have been a cool movie if it was just my wife and I.

But something happens when you take your kids to a "kid's" movie.

You kind of want it to be a kid's movie.

Matt said...

sorry dude-didn't mean to recommend it and get a burn for you. I forget that I still don't have kids so I can't watch it through kids' eyes. I'm trying to learn, but I'm not there yet. I would suggest checking out again though without the kids as like I mentioned it does have some teachable moments. Again, sorry for the burn. Love ya and appreciate your writing brother!

Tony Myles said...

Hey Matt -

Sorry to be confusing on this... I didn't read your blog until after we'd seen it, so no worries. All the responsibility is on my shoulders here, but thanks for the tender heart nonetheless.

Matt said...

no worries man, I just wanted to make sure I didn't hurt ya-Lord knows I've appreciated our friendship and your encouragement through these last few years (heck even since our Toronto days with Larry) and I didn't want to take a chance at damaging that. Keep up the great writing-it really does challenge my thinking and keeps me fresh. God has given you a gift brother! Praying for you!

Tony Myles said...

Wow... thanks, Matt!

Jim and Jaena said...

Not that it helps much now, but for the future...we check out Plugged In Online (there are other similar sites too) through Focus on the family before we let our kids see a movie in the theater or otherwise. It gives a breakdown of everything in the movie: language (exactly what words are said and how many times), sexual content, violence, and even overall positive and negative elements. It's been a great resource for us and saved us, our kids, and our money many times. Sorry for your bad experience.

Cindy Woods said...

Use to be Disney movies were produced for children, since Walt Disney passed away, those running the "company" have become more interested in making money regardless of the means it is accomplished.

If Walt Disney were still alive, ya wouldn't have to give a second thought to whether or not a childs movie is truly intended for children, or just a clever way for a studio to draw in parents who might not otherwise spend money to take thier young kids to the movies.

There have been a few Disney/Pixar movies I have watched recently and I don't have any young children at home. I found myself thinking some of the humor was not only way above younger children but inapppropirate which made me wonder why some of the annimated and kids movies are promoted as kids movies.

Tony Myles said...

I like Plugged In - use it a lot, but they're review of the Winnie the Pooh movie was off so I thought I'd give Disney the benefit of the doubt.

Cindy - I get your thoughts about Walt, too, but also remember that Fantasia in his original inception had nude fairies in it. I don't expect a Christian movie out of Disney (whatever a "Christian" movie is), but based on how they promote themselves I was hoping for at least a more younger kid friendly film.