Mar 15, 2007

recapping life: pt 5

This isn't directly a situation in my life, but it relates to a family that I am connected with.

A young pastor and church planter named Josh Buck was in a swimming accident in mid-January, broke his neck, and is now paralyzed from the chest down.

He was airlifted from Cancun to Miami, had emergency surgery, and now is in rehab in Grand Rapids for the next couple months. This comes on the heels of the death of his
3 month old daughter Ava Nicole in an unthinkable accident 18 months ago. Josh and his wife Shelly have two young kids, and Shelly is pregnant and expecting soon.

Here is a news report detailing it:

Please use the next few minutes of your life to spend time in prayer for Josh and his family.

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Anonymous said...


Just before I checked your blog I spent some time reading Josh and Shelly's site. As a result, I just got finished talking to the Father about this dear young pastor. Josh is really in need of our support. That awful feeling of discouragement is really bothering him today. (Who wouldn't be?). But God has a big plan for this young man and by praying for Him we can be part of God's work! Amazing!

Isn't the Lord something??!!