Mar 11, 2007

recapping life: pt 3

Several weeks ago the midwest got hit with a whole bunch of snow. Maybe you remember it... especially if you live in the midwest.

On our family day/sabbath (Tuesday), we decided to make the most of it by going sledding. It was quite fun and full of lots of rosy cheeks and red noses (no liquor involved, though).

The wind was blowing hard that day... and so I put on my infamous "Don't Call Me Veronica" sunglasses (pictured in my profile). You should know that I only wear these glasses on special occasions (meaning, I put them on when I can find nothing else). I actually bought them at a gas station on a road trip once... I normally don't shop for white rimmed eye wear but on that particular trip it fit my ensemble. (In fact, the aforementioned picture in my profile is from that trip.)

As all of that relates to the price of dough mixed with yeast that has risen through the aid of an oven, I had my glasses on to keep the wind out of my eyes as I helped my boys up the hill. Keep in mind, though, that the hill we chose to go sledding was underscored by a sheet of ice. If you've ever attempted to sled on such a hill, you know how hard it is to climb up by yourself, not to mention when you have a sled in one arm and a three-year old in another.

I kept slipping. So much so that I started to laugh.

Then out of nowhere, I had a pure Hollywood style fall. The kind that the old slapstick actors of the black and white era would do over and over again... the kind in a Bugs Bunny cartoon that was usually instigated by someone's toe touching a banana peel... the kind that really hurts your bottom when you land on it.


head goes backward...

child gets embraced into gut (so as for him to not get hurt)...

feet fly upward, taking position of height above where the head normally hangs out...

bottom lands on a 45 degree angle.

Boy... did that hurt.

But even more than that it was hilarious... so I started laughing out loud, causing my kid to laugh out loud, causing me to laugh even harder - thinking I'd hit the threshold of laughter that hasn't quite caused uriniation but come pretty darn close - until we start sliding backward 15 feet down the hill we'd made two feet of progress up.

Again, what this has to do with the cost of product put together by the wonderful folks at Butternut and Wonder is that somewhere in the midst of all of this I lost my sunglasses.

My cool-yet-dorky white "Don't Call Me Veronica" sunglasses are forever lost on this hill.

Granted, if they weren't a cool-yet-dorky white I could perhaps have found them more easily.

But no... sad to say, they're white.

The end of an era.

(A moment of silence, if you will)


Anonymous said...

It may not be over! There's a warming trend already providing you with another glimmer of hope. Keep your eyes peeled (not banana's).

Did daddy break his coccyx?

Brian Eberly said...

Oh but all is not lost my friend. Spring is coming and with Spring comes hope, and within that hope...the eventual reunion with the beloved "cool-yet-dorky white 'Don't Call Me Veronica' sunglasses."

Tony Myles said...

Ah... if it were only that easy. My guess is that a couple of kids who were also on the hill that day took them. So perhaps the legacy is not over in as much as the baton has inadvertantly been passed.

stephanie said...

Hee Hee Hee Hee. Great story. You captured the true hilarity of what it means to slip on the ice and fall on your butt.

Hope you find the sunglasses though.

BarBarA said...

I have faith that when the snow melts your glasses will be found. They may not be in one piece - but they will be found :)

Jessica said...

or perhaps you will pass a kid on the sidewalk with these stellar glasses and feel proud that you have passed on the art of wearing white dorky sunglasses.