Mar 25, 2007

leftovers: the tragic hero

Sometimes it helps to see one of the slices of God's story through fresh eyes. In this case, the tragic hero Samson comes to life through some classic friends. I liked this representation I found on the web, but thought a few of the pics might have distracted us from the flow of the story. In any event, enjoy.

The Tragic Hero: Samson
(Judges 13-16)

Story Summary:

Samson's mom heard from an angel of the Lord
that she was to raise her son a certain way -
to set him apart for God....

Unfortunately, Samson had a weakness for women
and took for himself a foreign wife... because she was hot.

Most of the people knew him for his day job, though,
fighting and battling the evil Turtlestines who took over
his homeland. Samson used his God-given super
strength to defeat them on a regular basis.

Frustrated, a leader of the Turtlstines hired a gal named Delilah
to seduce Samson and discover the secret of his strength.

After many failed attempts, she tried whining... and it worked.
Samson traded his special thing with God to have a special
fling with a woman... and the Lord left him.

While he slept, Samson got a buzz cut.

Waking up to see his Michael Landon locks on
the cutting room floor, the mighty Samson realized
the Lord had left Him because of his choice.
Suddenly weak, he was quickly defeated.

A little later he called on the Lord for one last
burst of strength... and the temple of a false
God came down destroying everyone in it.

Only I don't have a picture of toys for that.


bigwhitehat said...

What, no lion full of bees or donkey jaws in the toy section?

Katie said...

HA, that's a flashback to childhood.

Tony Myles said...

I dig retro toys...