Feb 26, 2007

tales from the crypt

According to all the hyper-sensationalism of this story, I guess plans for Terminator 4 fell through for James Cameron.

Alright... let's place our bets, folks... place our bets.
  1. How long before Outreach Marketing picks up this one just in time for a last-minute 2007 Easter campaign you can buy in a box for $777? (Man... just when I was wondering if we should recycle those oversized Da Vinci Code cards.)

  2. How many advertisements of books will we see in the next 30 days (that will be written and published in the next 30 days, as well) to refute these claims?

  3. I know Cameron is making a documentary, but is there enough time for Tom Hanks to grow out his hair again for a feature version?

Place your bets, folks... place your bets.

Disclaimer: In no way do I believe we shouldn't share the archeological facts that take care of all this sensationalism simply by being the truth. Obviously, the Easter season is a time when Christ-followers get to present the Good News of the Resurrection to people and so this will more than likely be something I'll have to address in our services.

What I do have a problem with, though, is how quickly we look for a hook to market our beliefs by being anti-something.

Then again...

I guess I just did that in this post, didn't I?

(tip of the hat to Scott)


Anonymous said...

Oy... whatever shall we do?

On one hand I see early Christians refuting heresy... then again, those were people claiming to be Christians. (Justin Martyr, Augustine, Clement)

On the other hand I see Christians steering clear of pagan temples and festivals (Paul)...

And on the anatomically incorrect third hand, I see Christians are supposed to not care about that pagan worship stuff because it is all fake anyways, there is only ONE Truth... so let them know that (Apollos)

Katie said...

It was rather interesting to me that all the news stations covered this like crazy this weekend . . . but then again it sorta reminded me of Geraldo and was it Al Capones (?) vault. BIG BUILD UP and little follow through.

It will spark conversation and well I guess in the end run that is good because we get to talk about the resurrection (which is a topic that most people seem to dismiss without any conversation - although we will pay money to watch a movie on zombies - go figure that one).

I'm with you on the anti-something marketing. I guess if you can't be for anything you might as well be against everything (at least that's what it seems like at times)

Anonymous said...

Personally, by publicly addressing and opposing this we just end up feeding into it. The more time Christians spend talking about this in public media, the more publicity Cameron gets for his video. We need to respond to these types of issues by simply not responding.

I was listening to a secular radio talk show and the hosts are not overly religious but they thought that this was a whole load of nonsense.