Dec 26, 2006

what if christmas kept going?

I was talking with a buddy tonight and he mentioned how ironic it is that the crazy schedule we keep this time of year can make it hard to even focus on Jesus. I know this is a standard question preacher types ask, but honestly... what would it look like if the Christmas season lasted all year long? After all, we don't know for sure what day of the calendar year that Jesus was actually born... so why not assume He's to be born everyday in some small way?

Personally, I like this spin a few people came up with.


David Moss said...

Cool video - and I appreciate the thoughts you have shared here...and throught this Christmas time.

The video reminded me of how much I love the hugs from my family - and how much I miss them when my kids are away at college.

Hummie said...

Hey, I just happened onto your blog accidentally and I love what you are writing. Keep it up! Gonna sub you to my RSS and watch!

Carolanne said...

I love that video clip!
If we celebrated Jesus coming every day....? I'd like to see that! It should make an amazing difference to how we live our lives every day.