Dec 18, 2006

three conversations in one

I went to the store today with my five-year-old son. He wanted to play the "big kids video games" that were running as demos in the electronics department. When we were done, we had an interesting chat.

Him: "Dad, can we buy that?"

Me: "Sorry, buddy... it's too much money for us."

Him: "How much is it?"

Me: "I think it's about $200."

Him: "But the sign says SALE."

Me: "Sometimes even things on sale cost a lot of money."

Him: "Why do they do that?"

Me: "Who?"

Him: "The people in the store. Why do they put up signs that say SALE if there are still a lot of numbers on it?"

Me: "That's a good question... maybe to trick us to buy it."

Him: "I want to tell someone that's not a good choice."
Later on in the checkout line, he got my attention again as the lady behind the register scanned our items.

Him: "Excuse me, can I ask this lady my question?"

Me: "Sure, buddy."

Him: "Excuse me. Why do you have signs that say SALE on them with big numbers?"

Her: (not getting the question) "Well, that tells people how much money things are."

Him: (realizing she isn't getting the question) "I mean, why do you do that?"

Her: (still not getting it) "In case they want to buy it."

Him: (confused)

Me: (intervening) "He's trying to ask about why sometimes things on sale still cost a lot of money."

Her: "Oh, that's a good question."

Him: "Yeah, I don't think that's a good choice."

Her: "You're probably right, honey."

Him: "Dad, can I go to the stuffed animal game machine?"

Her: "Sure."

Her: "He's too young to be worried about those things."

Me: "Actually, I'm glad he is. Kind of helps me to think about them, too."
After I had checked out, I went over to the stuffed animal machine.

Him: "Dad, do you have a quarter?"

Me: "Nope, buddy. Sorry, I don't."

Him: "Don't you have a dollar in your wallet?"

Me: "No... I don't have any money on me today."

Him: "Oh. I kind of wanted to win an animal and give it to that lady."

Me: "You did? Why?"

Him: "Because it's Christmas."

Me: "That's a great idea, buddy. If I had momey I'd let you do it."

Him: "Okay... no problem."


Anonymous said...

Hey. It's great when you have sweet moments like that. Lately it seems I've been wrestling with my kids to just stay in, on, or near the shopping cart.

Losing my cool, my perspective, not enjoying them, letting the busy season get to me.

Our children are such wonderful gifts.


Rodney Olsen said...

A teachable moment .... but who was doing the teaching?

Bec said...

Wow that's fantastic. It's interesting to get someone else's (out of the ordinary)perspective and curious to see where the most (often) insight comes from.

BarBarA said...

You've got a special kid there, Tony (but you already knew that)

Anonymous said...

wow..... what an amazing little boy. I don't have any kids yet, but I look forward to the questions they will ask and the conversations we'll have.

Heather said...

Thoughtful kid, there. I think we get more selfish with age.

derek bethay said...

The joys of parenthood. :-)

Jennifer said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

Tony Myles said...

No doubt... this guy and my other little guy floor me everyday.