Nov 2, 2006

that one thing we just can't give him

Speaking of Derek Webb, here's a video I put together this summer using one of his free tunes. Using the passage where Jesus converses with a rich young ruler, it asks all of us to ponder what might be the hardest thing for us to give up to God.

What is that thing for you?


Amy said...

fantastic video. I am loving this CD. why does your version of the song sound so different than mine? the one on this video sounds more "live"/acoustic and I think it's even in a different (higher) key. is this you singing it or something?

p.s. I'd like to put this on my blog...would you prefer I just link here, or can I put the video on my site (still with a link here)?

Tony Myles said...

Feel free to link however you'd like... either way, both ways, or no ways (whatever works for you).

As per the version, I snagged this off of the Relevant Magazine podcast when he did something for them in studio. Relevant had it on their web site for a while for a free download but I don't know if it's still there.